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AMONGRUINS – "Land Of The Black Sun" CD

AMONGRUINS – "Land Of The Black Sun" CD

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AMONGRUINS – "Land Of The Black Sun" CD
Wydawca: Theogonia Records
Format: CD (6-panel digipak)
Kraj: Grecja
Rok: 2023
Gatunek: melodic death metal

Get ready to be transported to the dark and haunting world of AmongRuins with their highly anticipated third album release, “Land Of The Black Sun“. This perfect blend of brutality and melody is set to be unleashed on July 14th, 2023, by Theogonia Records, and is guaranteed to evoke a sense of darkness and despair.

Founded as a studio project between friends back in 2012, AmongRuins has come a long way and evolved their sound to become a powerful live act. The band’s signing to Theogonia Records promises a strong collaboration moving forward, and “Land Of The Black Sun” is only the beginning of their journey.

This album promises to take you on a dark and sinister journey through the band’s modern, Melodic Death Metal soundscapes. The melodic guitars beautifully contrast with Sverd‘s harsh, aggressive vocals, all wrapped in powerful bass lines and drum beats. The result is an album that delves deep into the depths of the human psyche, taking the listener on a journey through the darkest corners of the mind.

With 8 songs and 38 minutes of total playtime, “Land Of The Black Sun” is a true journey into the depths of AmongRuins‘ sound. The album is released in a stunning 6-panel digipack CD, featuring amazing artwork by Vision Black Art, adding to the overall immersive experience.

“Land Of The Black Sun” was expertly mixed and mastered by Saku Moilanen at Deep Noise Studios Finland. Saku Moilanen is a highly respected producer and engineer who has worked with numerous metal bands and record labels. With his expertise and attention to detail, he has helped bring AmongRuins‘ sound to new heights, ensuring that every note and every beat hits with maximum impact. The collaboration between AmongRuins and Saku Moilanen is truly a match made in metal heaven, and the result is an album that is sure to impress even the most discerning fans of the genre.

In addition to AmongRuins‘ powerful sound, “Land Of The Black Sun” features guest vocals performed by George Prokopiou on the song “Land of the Black Sun”, adding an extra layer of depth and intensity to the album. The acoustic guitar on “End of My Fall” is performed by none other than Tuomas Saukkonen of Wolfheart, adding an extra layer of melodic beauty to the already remarkable soundscapes. The album’s stunning photography was captured by Elena Vasilaki, while the artwork was created by Nikos Stavridakis of Vision Black Art, making for an immersive and visually striking experience.

This album is a must-have for any fan of aggressive vocals and melodic death metal guitars with powerful bass and drums. So mark your calendars for July 14th, 2023, and prepare to immerse yourselves in the dark and haunting melodies of “Land Of The Black Sun” by AmongRuins. Don’t miss this highly anticipated masterpiece that is sure to leave an indelible mark on the world of Melodic Death Metal.

1. Tear Me Apart      
2. End of My Fall     
3. Shattered Times     
4. Our Destructive Tide     
5. Wells of War     
6. Suffer for Credence    
7. Forever the Signs     
8. Land of the Black Sun

Total: 38:00    

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